The Terrorist strikes again....

By now you would have thought the Terrorist would have decided bovine company is much better. 8.10 am yesterday morning the dog went off his nut barking at something that wasn't a chicken. In fact it was River standing on the driveway..errm..yes well last I knew River was supposed to be in the top paddock. Guess not. Looking up the hill everyone else was out as well including the old man who was having a wonderful time chasing around the cause of the great escape. Cause...oh can't we guess. A rotten darned stray sheep had blown out the electric spring gate on it's way back to wherever it came from and in the doing it let everything else out with it. Future plans for said ovine nuisance will include....chops for dinner...mutter...
Unfortunately eyeing up my mother's lovely garden were certain little 5 month old toads that were planning to turn said garden into your do it yourself shredded wreckers yard for beginner's demonstration. Not a good look I'd say for any house and garden feature one might do in the near future. I mean shredded architectually redesigned palm trees aren't exactly the in thing at the moment or cow pat pavers for added extra effect. I felt like resigning from life at that moment as I considered if I could break the world record for sprinting up slippery gravel driveway's in leaky gumboots to save my mother's garden from the four legged wreckers. Fortunately River chased me the entire way during that frantic dash to rescue the innocent plants from the evil junior bovines and straight back into a new paddock followed by ocean and the two toads. Trouble was the old man and the Terrorist had decided they'd head on down to my place to shred my garden..yeah some garden. It's died off from drought except for the deserty plants they're loving every moment of it..not quite ready for the Sahara just yet.
The Terrorist decided that maybe just maybe the hooman that had babied her for nine long months and regretted having ever met said Terrorist which ruled the hooman's life for all those months might just be nice at let her hang around. Well yes me being soft decided to let the old man and the Terrorist stay around and eat some of the weeds and the dead garden with it. Then it was the usual attempt...

I guess some lessons are never learned that well cows belong in a paddock not in my lounge. Lucky for me I had a barrier there to keep certain domineering little black chickens out and now a 19 month old Jersey Terrorist out. Sometimes I really think I need to go to the tropics and forget all this madness..maybe the Terrorist can run the place? Oh I give up.

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  1. LMAO
    Crikey, Liz, that cow has more personality (and brains) than some Aussie politicians....get her to run in the next election on the West Island, I can guarantee at least the sensible people will vote for her :P