What happens when you stand in line at the water trough?

Been long enough hasn't it. Hasn't been much to write about as far as the farm goes. Things here are dry as a bone. Rain is scarce, pasture growth of course is slowing and it's a scorcher of a summer. Am I complaining? Mother nature can never win with us humans it seems. It's because of us she is a little out of sinc with the seasonal behaviour. I just cross my fingers and hope we'll get some rain and soon. So is Simon - it's hot and he's been spending most of his time under my truck hiding from the sun. I've taught him now to bark on command. Simon had a chronic barking problem so after a little research I worked on telling him to "Speak" every time he barked then taught him "Quiet" using a firm voice. Each time he was rewarded with praise and a small treat. Three weeks on patience has paid off. Now he doesn't bark anymore and loves to bark when I say "Speak!" Clever boy. He's listening more too. Good. Dairy Herds are now shifting in many farms to once a day milking. If it stays dry the cows will dry off sooner than normal.

And then there is the attempt by Mad Bush Labs to enter the fashion industry. I mean come on who are they kidding? Stripped Silage wrap on the runway? Oh give me a break. Fire the model and the designer. I mean this design layout for Rural Scene more like Rural Scream in my opinion. I just have to be the critic here. Mad Bush Labs needs to stick to dreaming up Port-a-Moos again. Right okay moving right along. ....

Yes it's the usual morning torment with his evilness. Just thought I'd pop this in so Sasquatch gets his satisfaction that yet again the stoopid hooman was reprimanded for the photoshopped armz tickling hiz tummy. Note the clawzez are out..ouchy ouchy...yes yes moving right along...

Look at that sad little face on Ocean's calf. Why?.......hmmm all because of a water trough. The animals were thirsty after emptying the trough of this morning's water River reminded me that it was dry as a bone and it needed filling. She tells me when the grass is no longer good enough as well that moo of hers is unmistakable. So we got out the hose and started filling up the trough. River of course hogged it all then the war for space began. Ocean used her horns to get in there and have a drink. Meantime her calf decided to have a drink of his own right behind his Mum and this is what happened.....

And the moral of this story is ...It's always the little guys that get crapped on.


  1. and the moral is.... ha... cute. Poor little guy.

  2. nooo oh well we all get crapped on anyway lol

  3. Hehe... it is funny when you see them get crapped on right on top of the head. I hope he didn't take it insult from dear mom! :-P