A+ for Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce report

29 October 2009

A+ for Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce report

Federated Farmers has enthusiastically welcomed the report of the Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce on the Regulatory Responsibility Bill.

"The current regulatory process is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma - but perhaps the Taskforce’s report provides a key,” says Don Nicolson, President of Federated Farmers, paraphrasing a quotation made famous by Winston Churchill.

“To Federated Farmers, this Report and Bill represents one of the most important things to have come out of this Government. For the first time, it will instil a set of principles that will guide regulatory development.

“Farmers will welcome the set of principles, especially those relating to the impairment or taking of private property.

“The Bill recognises basic rights in property and the rights of landowners. Federated Farmers welcomes the principles on taxation and fees as well

“While high sounding, the Bill provides recognition of basic liberties that every citizen should welcome

“While the courts will be unable to strike down an Act of Parliament if it’s incompatible with the Regulatory Responsibility Bill, they will be given the power to deliver a statement of incompatibility.

“That’s a powerful moral tool that will make Government’s extremely wary of ramrodding badly written legislation through Parliament.

“While the Federation would like to see the Regulatory Responsibility Bill bring local government within its orbit, as well as the Resource Management Act, this should be subject to more work.

“That said, it shouldn’t stand in the way of passing this important Bill but clearly provides the next phase.

“Federated Farmers congratulates the Hon Rodney Hide and the taskforce members for the work they have put in. Now we look to the Government to accord this Bill the highest priority," Mr Nicolson concluded.

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