Trip to the Big Smoke - Part 2

Bow of the Cruise Ship Millenium Princess Wharf Auckland City Harbour

As we passed the Millenium I took another photo of the bow. She was huge. One fancy flaoting hotel that had come in for the Louis Vuitton series. Dean Barker the Kiwi skipper cleaned up brilliantly. The series had only finished the day before so things were a little quieter there on the waterfront but only a little.
SailNZ 1995 America's Cup class yacht & the Catamaran Ocean Eagle moored at Pier 14 Viaduct Harbour Auckland City New Zealand

A few years back the Viaduct was alive with millionaires,billionaires and every sailing nut from around the globe that were there for the America's Cup challenge series. NZ had held it a couple of times but lost it later to the Alinghi Syndicate such is the nature of racing. But out of it the harbour ended up with a new lease of life and it's a great place to chill out, enjoy great food and see the fantastic Maritime museum as well. Lisa and I went there a while back and just loved it! Loads to see and if you're ever over here guys yell! I'll soon help show you the sites. I used to work there in Auckland City and loved it. Still love it now - but only the central city. I hate the suburbs except for a couple I can name that is. Devonport and Avondale I won't every hate. Love them both cool places and fun to visit work and live. But I still love my mad farm and the lifestyle that goes with it.

Stern view of the SailNZ Yacht
Well we found the Ocean Eagle and I took some photos as well of the good old Sky Tower, and the SailNZ training yacht as well. Cool boat and fast! More coming Part 3 next...

The Sky Tower stands 328m high and you can go bungy jumping off it as well!


  1. you're right, back in the 80s with the americas cup the auckland waterfront was teeming with millionaires etc. I remember mick jagger sitting at cin cin on the quay having lunch with his entourage and old Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran had his boat going as well.

  2. How cool!!!! That would ahve been fun!!Could just imagine them down there now.LOL! Bad hair days hung over from the 80's

  3. These photo's are just awesome and the information you gave us is wonderful.
    On to part 3

    Have a good day.

  4. You're pulling my leg about bungy jumping off the Sky Tower, surely?!
    Wait...clicked on the link...no, you Kiwis are just plain insane! lol

  5. Hi Leslie,

    Glad you're enjoying it. Long long post this is going to be...groan. Never mind I'll keep going until everyone dies from total boredom.LOL!

    Hi Jayne
    Yeah there are some crazy kiwis out there. I wouldn't do it though. No way! As for the insanity visit my farm that's enough to send anyone to the nuthouse!LOL