Life was supposed to be all nicely planned out - not

Several years ago I moved to this crazy farm. Then it had no cattle,horses, chickens,cats or fences. As for a garden well that didn't exist much either. Now I grow weeds, and some poor excuses for tomato plants I should have planted several weeks ago, but forgot all about them. I used to have a nice garden - until the cows destroyed it that was. I vowed I would never have cats here either.....excuse the native birds. What native birds? With several hundred possums eating the trees and the nests with them. That excuse went out the window early in early 2007. The reason two little four month old kittens who needed or home very badly or it could be the needle. So softy here brought them home and Dream and Emerald have stayed here ever since. The mice and the rats have been greatly reduced. Last winter we only had four mice come inside instead of the usual winter plague where the baseball bat, the traps and the poison had to be laid on full force or end up over run by small, cute furry little rodents that are also disease carrying little pests. Trying to watch TV meant being armed with the baseball bat and bopping the mice off. I had a very good batting average by the end of winter of 2006. The four that got in in 2007 all were caught in the traps. 2008 we had a couple get inside and the traps took care of them. Dream and Emerald took care of the rest. So here we are raving about mice,cats,baseball bats and other wierd things as usual.

Which comes to the next thing as in last Thursday......Mum and I headed off to the Bunnings Warehouse in Whangarei and got some bits and pieces for the gardens. Had lunch then headed back to Maungaturoto where I had to stop in and get some worming tablets for Dream and Emerald. As everyone knows I now have two more cats as in Double Trouble Dream Team Sasquatch and Yowie. They won't be leaving either. At the vets were yet more kittens...oh no....... So I took photos of them with the intention of blogging them later.....
Three very cute kittens were in the large display cage so I decided to take a photo of each little kitten...I took the shot of the first little black and white kitten when a big round pair of eyes appeared....and got in the photo.....by then my Mum was staring longingly at the little cute fluffy kitten that was sound asleep beside the eyes. Sadly she shook her head deciding no she wouldn't and off we went home. The afternoon rolled on I did some farm work and Mum went and got some more plants then dropped in to show me. She had fallen in love with the fluffy kitten but...well I said to her what was the difference having another cat on the farm since I already had four here and one more wouldn't make any difference. Hate to say this she came home with two. The eyes...now named Buffy after Mum's last cat and the little fluffy kitten has been named Katie.

Well folks that's what happened last Thursday now six cats live on the farm. Yet more to blog about but this post is long enough. Had one interesting week. The paper has been put to bed gone to print yesterday and will be out sometime next Monday. I was totalled all of today. And yesterday..as in January 29th I turned 45. Do I feel old? No just nuttier and crazier. Thanks Amy, Lisa and Jen for your birthday wishes. I did have a great day yesterday - just a very long one involving that publication I chose to edit. Fonterra Payout has dropped down so a few farmer friends I know will be redoing their farm budgets for the next season. Petrol has shot way up the excuse this time the increase in the price of refined oil and the Kiwi Dollar weakening. Yeah right. Greedy oil companies just wanting more profits you mean. That's my rant for the night. Blog visiting is now mandatory since I haven't been over all week. Life got in the way or the paper did that is....


  1. Happy belated birthday!
    Those kittens are gorgeous, of course another bajillion won't make any difference lol.
    5 cats at my house and 5 is the number I put my foot down at ;)

  2. These two new kitties are soooo very cute. Their eyes are big and bright and beautiful! No wonder your Mom couldn't resist them. Have a fun day at the farm :)

  3. Life never goes as expected... that is what makes it fun! :-)


    Happy Birthday too!

  4. Sorry madbush but if you are a cat person then cats have a sneaky way of getting into your mindset in such a way that you cannot leave without one or two or more. Those kittens have such lovely eyes, they would make their minds up the moment they saw you that you were the one they were going to own. Don't even kid yourself you own them - it is the other way round.

  5. Glad to hear from you girl, yep I hear you about the petrol prices *sigh*

  6. Oh so wonderful! Now you won't be able to hear the TV for all the purring!!

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Well I hope all goes well with your new cats!!!! And Jennifer is right, if life was all about the predictable then it wouldn't be half as much interesting or fun!!! lol But sometimes it can be a tiring job.
    Happy Birthday

  8. Hi Guys I'm in another blogger account so yes it is me!!

    Jayne thanks for the birthday wishes. Five cats is cool. Four here in my house and two in my Mum's place. Total six on the farm. Rats should start counting their days...

    Snowforest - Hi Omer! I call those kitties Seek and Destroy. My poor Mum is having to put things well away.LOL! Our two kitties are also seek and destroy usually my toes.
    Purrs and hugs to you and the kitties

    Jennifer - you are soo right there.LOL!

    Weaver - You have just dashed all hopes of me every having a well planned out life here. Looks like the cats do indeed own me and everything else here. They have competition though - from the Terrorist...

    Amy - Hey there girl yes greedy oil companies growl...

    Raph - Hi Raph no I can't hear the TV very well. One of the kitties likes to purr right in my ear!!!
    And thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Jen - Hi Jen you are right there. Life would be so boring if things had a way of staying in their place - which they don't. All's well just got a little more than busy in this last week and a bit.

  9. Wow you have been busy! I'm glad I foud some wifi so i could come over!  Hey when was your birthday????? you didnt tell me it was coming up! How can I send you a card or gift if you dont tell me these things! you are SO in trouble!