And the Nominations are....

My pal Bob has honoured me with an award. Thank you Bob!!!! Following the rules as Bob has advised it is now my turn to do the honours. The rules are as follows:
You are allowed to display the Brillante Weblog Award on your blog - Link to the person you received your award from - Nominate at least seven other blogs - put links to those blogs on yours: Leave a message on the blogs of those you have nominated.
And the Nominations are for Brilliant blogs are....

Ky Farmlife
A blog about Life on a Thousand acre mixed farm in Kentucky USA - Day to day life and images with great artwork as told by Rae. (You rock Rae!!!)

A fantastic blog done by New Zealand Historian Lisa Truttman. Fascinating stories from local New Zealand History. Lisa has a great writing style so good you just can't stop reading it. She also just happens to be the person who inspired and encouraged me to go back to my art work. Thanks mate you rock!!

At Home with Amy
Family life in a small rural New Zealand town. Photos, stories and a bit of good old New Zealand Family life. This is a great blog!!!

Sculptor Steve Worthington has a talent second to none. Fantastically detailed animal sculptures. Worth the nomination!!. Go Steve!!!

Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog

Andrea has a talent and a way of making you want to read her blog. I love her artwork and keep going back to her blog to have another good read - Life and art together. What a team!
PS Thanks to Rae I found it

My Creative Blogspot
Kathleen you have a beautiful blog with the fantastic artistic talent to match - again thanks to Rae for putting me onto it

The Journal of married couple Zachary and Jennifer and their life on a dairy farm in Wisconson. A great blog to follow and full of fun.


  1. Why thank you for deeming my blog worthy or the prestigious Brilliante award!!
    I'll be sure and post it with seven other blog nominations in the coming week.
    Life in NZ looks like a lot of fun.
    Healthy too.
    That frog down on the right hand side near the bottom looks a bit like a golden tree frog.
    Do you know what it is?

  2. Thank You! I'm Honored! I've never been nominated as Brilliant! LOL I didn't even know about these awards...so how do I get it to post it on my site? Thanks a bunch! I love your blog as well and cant wait to see what you and the crew are up to each day!

  3. You have been nominated by myself as well....I had to give you another award, i enjoy your blogs and friendship too much to not give you one as well! Go picker up girl!

  4. Hi guys!!! I was thrilled to be able to give you those awards. You deserve them!

    Steve - you are a talented fantastic scupltor keep them coming

    Rae - you are awesome amd have become a great friend.
    Talk soon

  5. Why Thank You - I am honored to be included with such illustrious and brillante bloggers - I enjoy your blog also- you know I was a farmer "wannabe" we only had sheep horses and cats- I never even got to have chickens - I am working on my acceptance speech- I will let you know when it's posted - and thanks again it truly does make one feel warm and fuzzy to know one has friends in the Blogosphere- -

  6. Hi Kathleen I just love your blog. No I wasn't a farmer just ended up buying twelve acres and collecting a pile of animals. My tow younger girls are really enjoying themselves -so am I. Looking forward to reading your acceptance speech!!
    PS I'm on my other blog at the moment which is why "Out in the Sticks" is on this post but it is me.

    Rae...I am having a little trouble getting over to your blog my internet connection has decided to hold things up (mutter) Will get over there hopefully before the year ends?


  7. ahh here you are! Thanks for the award chickie!