Poor Sasha!!!!

Poor old Sasha at 22 years old ended up with an abcess in her withers after her covers kept rubbing too much. She wasn't looking too happy at all. Been a really hard very very wet winter and lowest sunshine hours on record for several years. All spells disaster as far as grass growth went. Despite being fed twice a day poor Sasha had trouble keeping her weight - not a good thing for a thoroughbred to have happen. That was two weeks ago and having a horrible abcess didn't help anything. Got the vet out who told me I hadn't been doing anything wrong (thank goodness!) just old age a hard winter and being unwell. A course of antibiotics, a massive boost in her feed plus a product called Stockade by Nutritech International has made a very big difference in just two weeks. We'll be doing a weekly update on her progress. The photo of her was taken today - she looks terrible but no cover (because of the abcess) and still with more weight to gain is the reason why. She'll look much better by next time.

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