Celing Cat! Minion Summoned!

You were warned Celing Cat Minion has been Summoned


  1. Ooh that's a very tuff looking minion. I'll have Basement Cat and its minions in my dreams now forever..I'll have to ask Leo my little mancat for help..maybe he'll side with the Ceiling Cat (though I seriously doubt that)!

  2. I think this minion had an accident with the Basement door. No Leo is secret agent of Basement Cat. Sink taken over plug removed. Be careful be very careful..LOL. Don't you just love the Celing Cat Vs Basement Cat. They just make my day. Love the post you put up but....the agents of Basement Cat that are pretending to be my two cute kitties let Basement Cat rule this blog today. I'm working on something to do with lions. Stay tuned.

  3. Basement Cat rocks. And so does Ceiling Cat. Their funny pictures make me smile every time they see them. The captions are so creative and the pics are so funny as a result.

    The Horse of Selene is very artistic - both as a sculpture and sketch!

    I love taking snaps of moon too - but most of mine come blurry. I need a tripod and a telescope too. I nearly bought one for around 150 dollars on the web some time ago but in the end didn't buy it for some reason I don't recall now. I'll definitely buy a good one in future. Astronomy is such a fascinating field and I wish I had become an astronomer instead. btw Google Earth has a Google Moon feature too. I have it installed on my computer but haven't checked it out thoroughly yet.

    The sunset pic is great. The clouds add a very nice touch to it.

    I heard about this frog some time back. Maybe it was in Jay Leno's Tonite Show I think. Glad they are getting an opportunity to survive. I so hope that they do.

    Checked out that railways blog. Fascinating concept. And you are right. It does have potential to become a really good blog in its niche.

    The fishing boat drawing came out well.

    How great that you got to play with lions. I've held a lion cub for a few minutes one time. And a baby tigress - but it must've been great playing with the cubs for three whole hours. You are very fortunate!

    Have a great weekend - purrs and hugs from the kitties who are about to turn one year old on the eve of Nov 15 (Leo and Fairy)!

  4. ...can't wait to see how the lion project turns out...all the best :)

  5. Hey Omer - It's coming together even as I've been writing this. I'll post part of what has been started. It's still got a long way to go but I think it will be awesome when it's done. You've held a tiger I've held a well five little lions cubs they were growly little predators. Basement Cat and Celing Cat rule!!!!

    I'll be wishing Fairy and Leo Happy Birthday I think with a special post. I'll wait until you've done yours first. I like frogs and every animal the books can have a name for. My poor girls think Mum is sometimes nuts (kidding) Thanks for all your great comments they always just make my day. Liz


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