Mooning over the moon

I love the moon when it comes out just before sunset. I got this shot by chance the clouds in the east were suddenly lit up by the sunset in the west. I need a big giant telescope. Michelle asked me when she was five if the man that went to the moon was still there..No Neil Armstrong and his team got back safely I had replied. Her reply was deadly serious "Did they bring back their kids any cheese?" How could I keep a straight face over that one.

Timespanner replied with these two links Google Moon
Moon Cheese (Google again but with Swiss Cheese)


  1. Google Moon

    Used to have Swiss Cheese at the ultimate zoom, but they're more serious now.

  2. You are evil Ice. Thanks heaps

  3. That ws so funny! What an innocent ? how did you keep from rolling on the ground with laughter tho?
    I think your winning the sunset challenge! AWESOME picture...check out and see HER sunsets, shoot she put us both to shame!

  4. The things kid say Rae. Yes and I noticed it has Africa in the blogname. Means awesome brilliant sunsets. I think we should bothe steal their sunsets and we'll win fame and fortune - yeah right.LOL I'll check that blog out.


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