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Art Stuff-African Wildlife "Leo" for now until he's finished

Off the Farm - Hokianga Heads Tasman Sea Breakers West Coast Northland NZ

Off the Farm -Whangarei Northland NZ "Bounty" 1981

Celing Cat! Minion Summoned!

Celing Cat is now in trouble......

Inaya's choice from THAT site

Art Stuff - The Horse of Selene

Mooning over the moon

Yet another Awesome sunset

Great News for the Endangered Mississippi Gopher Frog

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Art Stuff - Fishing Boat Leigh Harbour Northland New Zealand

Whakapirau Beach

Rodeo in Christchurch targeted by Protest Group - From the NZ Herald

Dear Sir we regret to inform you

Memorable Moments Encounters I will never have again

Basement Cat Secret Agents have taken over my sofa

One Awesome end to the day

Future dairy Sires - Young Jersey Bulls

Hot off the Press -Agresearch Media Release two honoured by Royal Society of New Zealand

Hot off the Press -Federated Farmers Media Release Federated Farmers in International Talks

Very Red Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release Permit to farm leaves food producers gutted

One of those Fuzzy moments - Pukeko ones that is

Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release Bruce Wills address to Meat & Fibre Council

Farmer Cat Remembers the old days....

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The Real Truth About Basement Cat

Careful the bosses' minion is watching your every move...

Free to a good home

5.45 am I woke up to a......

All the Better to see you with

"Ruch, as well as thuck" -Jill Singer Article "New Zealand change as good as a holiday"

Off the Farm - Kaimanawa Wild Horses

Sketch Piroa Falls Maungaturoto Northland New Zealand

Far too funny for words - Al Cowpone

Mad on Cows?

Basement Cat Minions vs Ceiling Cat

Spotted near the house

Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release "Fish & Game New Zealand and Forest & Bird report peer reviewed"

Dairy Display at the Matakohe Museum