And so far it's been .....

WET! Apparently this has been one of the wettest winters on record to date. And it has been wet! So wet I've had to spend most of my days outside in the mud digging drains to stop the water from sitting around my house. The water table has become very high and with it a lovely (not) spring has popped up. Not good when it's near the house foundations.

Other than that it's been cold, muddy and for once we've had a couple of settled days. I was clawed to day by the Striped Unit aka Emerald. Oh that was so fun having her hooks in my leg while I was trying to walk away from her. Evil cat.

Dream the traitor cat is still being a traitor, and has now decided to try to act all innocent and cute - darn her cuteness.

I started doing a sheep last night on the paper. The photo above is awful. It was taken this evening in rather bad light. The picture looks way better in the real world. It's still being worked on, but for a change, I'm going to do some farm animals. Logical I guess, since I live on a farm (or an excuse for a farm), and have farm animals. Not sheep though. The only sheep here are the ones in my freezer.

Well that's me for now. Check out Escape Into Life. It's an arts and culture e-zine with reviews by top writers, showcasing artist, poets, writers and highly talented photographers. I'd highly recommend this site it is absolutely top class.


Lucky Young Farmer member awarded trip of a lifetime

AgriVenture New Zealand has teamed up with New Zealand Young Farmers this year to award an AgriVenture scholarship to one lucky NZYF member.

The scholarship is valued at $7000 and includes a fully paid six to twelve month AgriVenture programme to the recipient’s choice of destination country.

AgriVenture gives young people aged between 18 and 30 the opportunity to travel and work on a farm, in horticulture or home management in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Europe and Japan.

The programme is run by the International Agricultural Exchange Association (IAEA), a non-governmental, non-profit membership organisation which has been operating farm work placements since 1965. Around 30,000 young people have been hosted overseas since the programme’s inception. 

This year’s AgriVenture New Zealand Young Farmers Scholarship recipient Kirsty Dickins was delighted to be gifted the award especially because “she wasn’t really expecting to win.”

AgriVenture Program Manager Pauline Norrish said “AgriVenture Global is delighted to be arranging an around the world programme for Kirsty Dickins the winner of the first AgriVenture/NZYF scholarship.  We believe that she will be a great ambassador for NZYF and AgriVenture during her travels overseas.”

Miss Dickins said it was “super exciting” when she made it to the final stage of the application process, which included a phone interview, as she was already part way through the application process to take an AgriVenture exchange.

Miss Dickins is planning to start her yearlong exchange later this year after visiting Africa. She will be splitting her time between Canada and Europe and is looking forward to experiencing different farming systems while seeing the world.

“This is a good opportunity to do something I really enjoy while getting the chance to travel as well.”

Kirsty is keen to learn new things about agriculture while overseas and intends to bring that knowledge back home to an on-farm sheep and beef role upon her return.

Miss Dickins studied a Bachelor of Applied Science at Lincoln University before she began working for Landcorp two years ago. She started as a Business Technician and is currently employed as a Business Manager who oversees a portfolio of three farms.


Traitor Cat!

If anyone believes cats are loyal to their owners - think again! Despite me feeding her, loving her and providing a space in my bed. Dream is a traitor cat. She has traitorised her way onto Inaya's lap every other day. What do I get? Claws in my leg - unfair! See she wouldn't even look at me - all plumped up there on Inaya's lap. Traitor cats...they're everywhere...Tomorrow she will want to know me again. Typical!


Mozzies down the drain!

A while back a spring came up near the house foundation. Not good at all. Water water everywhere. So it was down to a spade and the digging of heaps of drains. My gumboots of late have become a rather mud caked version of  platform shoes and my attire would have me being mistaken for the mud monster from heck. I figured my work was fairly well complete and the water would drain away. Oh of course not - Murphy had it all worked out. Drain kept blocking up with cooch grass and silt. Oh great (not!). Annoyed, out I went today, and cleared it all out again. And watched as the mozzie's little offspring struggled in vain against the torrent of draining stagnant water heading off towards the creek  No loss of course. It's the last thing we needed around here. Suppose I had better go and get a jack hammer out and get that hardened mud off my gumboots now...