A favourite landmark and usual rural insanity

Not too much to say at the moment. When I have more to write I'll bore you with my prattling about whatever comes to mind. Rain, rain and yet..yes you guessed it more rain, It's made things a bit wet around the place. Nothing new and the mud is coming back including into the house because I had to run to the phone with my muddy gumboots on (idiot!), and forgot I had them on. Then, there's the other bit involving me feeding the old man at the door because I don't want to have to stand out in the rain to keep Ranger from stealing the feed bucket and eating Ed's feed. We'll talk about that one another blog post away. I have a cow sleeping in the back yard. An idiot dog snoring in his kennel and out in the dark somewhere are five horses staring at me back. Madness is something that here is completely normal. And the photo? That's our local mountain Pukearoa and I like it a lot.  I got this shot from the rugby field down at the Maungaturoto Country Club grounds. Great place and we're very lucky to have it here in the rural way beyond.


Summer memories after the rain

It's been a rather wet day here today. Lots of huge anvil clouds bringing squally weather from the Tasman Sea. Back in early March Lisa and I visited Auckland Zoo and had an absolute ball. While we were there the team who take care of  Burma the Asian elephant had brought her out for a stroll around the zoo. This is one of those caught in the right moment shots. I had been photographing Brolga Crane just down from the Bandstand when Lisa yelled out for me to get over there fast. And this is the result. 

I guess in a way I have a zoo too! Look at them all, at this rate we'll have the Mad Bush Zoological Craziness Gardens maybe. Nah I'll just leave at Mad Bush Farm for a while longer.