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Inaya & Michelle on Pet Day

Maungaturoto Primary School Pet Day- Champion Senior Calf & Champion Senior Heavy Dairy

Maungaturoto Primary School Pet Day - Champion Junior Calf

Spotted around the Garden

Yes I have been to THAT site

And just for good measure..............

Priceless Moments

Not So hot off the Press - Agresearch Media Release 29th October Horizons Conference

Hey What's Barak Obama doing here in Maungaturoto???

Hot off the Press-NZ Dairy Industry Awards Trust - 2009 Dairy Awards Calling for entries

The Deadly Green Paw

Afternoon Milking on a Maungaturoto Dairy Farm

Dear Blog I don't want to complain but......

Hot off the Press -Agresearch Media release -Conference warned of Future threat to Dairy Industry

Hot off the Press- Agresearch Media Release Geriatric Designer Diets visiting US Expert Dr Henry Zerby

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Now showing...Cat War Ground featuring Dream & Emerald!!!

The Flying Mad Bush Kids

Press Release - NZ Agresearch on the global Crisis

Remote Hog

Talk to the Big Giant Head about it

Charlie Causer with Dancer

Silent Universe - Painting by Inaya

Spring Flowers

3 months old and still a Terrorist!!!

How it looked in the fifties on Pet day in Maungaturoto

Cat Apartment Block

Off the Farm - Kauri Tree Gum display at the Matakohe Museum