Charlie Causer with Dancer

This is another of Allans precious photos. The man on the horse is named Charlie Causer. His horse Dancer could do all sorts of tricks as well being a top show jumper in the 1930's. Charlie enlisted during WW II and lost a leg. Dancer was sold to someone else and sadly died from an accident. I think this photo is fantastic.


  1. Wow probably my favorite pic of all! How neat of a horse! And I love the cocky/confident look on his face! Would love to meet him and hear his stories

  2. I agree with Kyfarmlife..He does have this I'm cool, I'm the man look on his face. Great Picture!!

  3. Hi Guys! It's a great image isn't it! Yeah Charlie is the man all right. Sadly Charlie died a few years ago - but I have some of his stories which is great. I would have loved to have met him as well. I just had to post it - how could I not!!!


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