Inaya & Michelle on Pet Day

Inaya & Michelle despite their worries over the calves ended up having a great day and lots of ribbons with it. We have Anne to thank for that. Michelle's calf is an Ayrshire named Starlight and Inaya took Charlotte a Fresian. Happy kids and happy calves - what a great day!!!


  1. you got some great photos! Did your girls enjoy themselves?

  2. Great Pictures! I love the one of the calf eating your daughters pants! Too adorable for words! Contrats to the girls! I'm glad the weather turned out good for you all!

  3. The kids had a great time. We had some sulking because Anne took the calves home before the Grand Parade but overall it was a great day.

  4. What cute calves. Your kids and you must've definitively had a great time considering your love for animals. The little white kitties are very cute. Congrats on the awards and ribbons.

    Song Thrush and Kingfisher are both very pretty. Bird photography is definitively a great pastime. I've joined Simon King's (you might remember him from BBC and Animal Planet's Big Cat Diary) website forum of late and I think there are some good wildlife and bird photographers there.

    The cheezburger pics are just priceless. This has got to be the best site on the web. I watch many pics daily and can't stop laughing.

    Have a happy and safe Halloween!

  5. oops meant definitely not definitively

  6. Hey there Cats! The kids had such a great day and my photo library is now full of animal pics - good for my drawing. The bird photos were rather fuzzy but I couldn't get the camera settings right - probably because I didn't know at the time how to do that. I do now. I love Simon King's stuff and we get animal planet on the Sky digital here so its great. I had to put the Cheezburger picture up it was just so funny

    You have a safe and happy Halloween too.


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