Farm Photo of the Day: Turkey Crossing #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

We've had this brood of young turkeys living on the farm. No adults in sight so I was thinking most likely the mother turkey was either shot or became a victim of a hawk. This little group has no fear of humans just yet. They haven't seemed very worried about my presence or the dog either. I got this shot as they were crossing the driveway. No hurry at all either.


Farm Photo of the Day: Commercial Hotel Mangawhare, Dargaville #NorthlandNZ #farmvoices

The Commercial Hotel replaced the original that burned down in 1886. By 1896 the new building had been constructed by the well known trotting legend and builder John Rowe. Rowe built a number of hotels in the Kaipara District and Northland including the Central Hotel in Dargaville, as well as the Maungaturoto Hotel, Pahi Hotel, and Kaihu Tavern. It's a lovely old building now used as a bed and breakfast.


Farm Photo of the Day: Two old boys #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

Dak and Ed back in 2007. I sent Dak on to a horse sanctuary in 2008. Still going strong and being much loved. Ed is now at a new home as well aged 34 years with a lovely family. Good memories. I'll miss my big boys.


Farm Photo of the Day: Spur-winged plover #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

I took this down at the Maungaturoto Country Club one afternoon. We have several pairs of these birds on our farm. None of them are friendly. Plovers are highly territorial and can be agressive when they're nesting.  Protection of these birds was removed in 2010.


Hearing the songs of Angels - Yulia & Friends Concert last night #NorthlandNZ

Last night the family and I went to see Yulia & Friends at the Kaiwaka Sports Complex. It was extra special because Yulia was one of the reasons why my autistic daugher Michelle at age five began to sing and talk. My mum bought Yulia's first album Into the West back in 2004. She had it on and Michelle went upstairs to listen. She sat there rocking back and forth listening to the beautiful voice singing equally beautiful songs.. So mum gave it to her. I had to put it on every day for over a year. Every day Michelle listened and started to sing the words. I never thought that just over ten years later the very person who inspired my daughter would invite Michelle to perform in her charity concert at Kaiwaka. We had a fantastic night. Yulia looked after Michelle on the stage. It was just magic. Below is Michelle on stage last night singing the beautiful song Panis Angelicus.

Farm Photo of the Day - Batley House at the Roadley family farm #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

One of my most favourite places in the Kaipara District. Batley Bay is home to the gorgeous now restored Batley House owned by Rex and Rae Roadley who farm on the shores of the mighty Kaipara Harbour.