Creaking back to life

Yes that lot in the picture there must have wondered if I had curled my toes up or something. they haven't seen me for almost two weeks. Why? Well we know why that rather bent story was told in the last blog post I did. Back problems being what they are - but I'm slowly creaking my back to life here. Inaya was staying out at a friend's place out at Matakohe. I had to go and pick her up. After that I decided we could do with a family drive.

So we ended up out at Tinopai, and being such a beautiful winter's day, someone was out on the water with a sailboat. I makes for a nice picture when all we've had for weeks on end, is you guessed it - rain. Nothing but rain. Still, who is complaining. It beats the drought we had.

It was sad to see the Tinopai store and cafe had shut down. The place used to be buzzing in summer, but like all things when an economic recession looms, the owners couldn't sustain the business and closed their doors for good. The day was so clear we could see right out to the Kaipara heads and the sandbar at the entrance.

The Tinopai Wharf is a cool place to walk out on and throw out a line if you're into fishing. I like fishing, but it's been a while since I've taken a line down to the beach and cast out into the Kaipara to see if I could score a good snapper for the fry pan. I'll wait until the weather is a little warmer, and then try my luck down at Batley.

On the way back, I had the sudden urge to go, and visit the historic Methodist Cemetery at Paparoa, and take some photos of the grave stones. There was one, that took my interest you can read that story on my Back Roads blog. I think the kids and I needed that time out today. Well it was different and fun with it. Not exactly about the farm, but more about the area we live in. And a great area it is.

Taking a look around the blogs this week:

Bridget at Cabbage Tree Farm is having fun with four new piglets (destined for the table)

Self termed 'Stirrer' Phil over at Yardy Yardy Yardy writes about the Spanish traditional wild horse round up and decries what he views as outright cruelty (worth a read).

Tom, a New Zealand dairy farming consultant based in the UK has a great Dairy Farming focused blog called Pasture to Profit. It's an extremely well written and informative resource for anyone interested in the industry.

Lisa at Timespanner has put a multitude of fantastic posts over the last few weeks. Her latest post has incredible photos of the North Western Motorway from the air. Check it out here

Jennifer and Zachary at the Goings On blog are busy renovating their new home in Florida. Jennifer and Zachary are former dairy farmers from Wisconsin.

Well that's me for now. Yes I know it wasn't about mad cows or evil little horses making my life hell. I can't even creak fast enough yet to get them back. Well keep on creaking folks.


A rather bent story you might say?

I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks now. Last week I did something that made for a rather bent story, so to speak. Namely waking up on a cold Monday morning , booting the kids out of bed and getting on with the day. Yeah ...right. Mr Murphy and his laws decided to show up that morning. Oh yes indeed did Mr Murphy show up. It went like this. Had coffee, fed the horses. Told the idiot dog to put a sock in it because he was barking furiously at the cows (who were eating his dog biscuits I might add) and then went outside to go and clear the mailbox. Yep standard boring morning routine stuff. During the weekend we had high winds and heavy rain. So it was the usual with things blown everywhere, including the trampoline that had blown onto the driveway. Yes bouncing up and down on it with the car might have quite a sight I suppose, but it was in the way and needed to be moved. Do the straight back, knees bent and lift - to the sound of a loud crack and a lot of yelling on my behalf. You guessed it - I put my back out - badly. It hurt like blazes too. I had treatment last Friday. I'm still creaking along there. I suppose eventually I'll be on the straight again once I've stopped being bent. Well that's me for now. Keep on creaking...I mean truckin'.