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I knew it! Basement Cat sent his kitteh over to steal the Squeaky Toy!


Pasta,bacon and everything else recipe

Mum I've finished the weeding now where's my treat?

Geoffry the Social Media Specialist and his friend Retro Ray

Off the Farm - Elegant Ladies caught on canvas

Big Cat Heads The Blog - Stunning Cat Art by BAM

52 Influential Photographs

Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release "Charles Finny Elected Chair of Local Government Forum"

Off the Farm - Magical Quotations at Dreams Maungaturoto

Not so Hot off the Press - NZ Dairy Trust Media Release "Big Benefits to Dairy Award Entrants"

Art Stuff - Abandoned Church Otuhianga Rd Matakohe Northland NZ from my visual diary

But it's my nature.....

Red Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release "Dairy Farming turning a corner in Environment Canterbury Report"

I knew it! Pod People took over the cat!

"Fush and Chups" The Kiwi Accent Myth

Blame my kids for this they suggested it

Art Stuff - Kaipara House Helensville New Zealand 2002

Looks like Celing Cat lost this one.....

A Sitting Duck

The Possum, the mailbox and the farmer's wife a great yarn by my good friend Alan

Art Stuff - Feather from my visual diary

Hot off the Press- Federated Farmers Media Release "Seed growers encouraged to communicate"

Lionman Update Judge Reserves decision in battle for control of Zion Park

Sucked in Gumboot picture of me with da new hairstyle

Made to feel guilty

Okay who told him we were having bacon

Silhouette of Cat

Carrot & Coconut Salad

Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release - "350 billion reasons to get Doha sorted for 'NZ Inc.'"

Red Hot off the Press - Agreasearch media release "Agresearch scientists overcome first hurdle in finding treatment for ryegrass staggers"

A True Kiwi Icon - The TVNZ Goodnight Kiwi and the Cat

Red Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release "Nine Lambs a minute vanishing from New Zealand farms"

Waiter? Forget the Flat White I'll have a Catpuccino instead

Well Didya? Northland Kumara Promo Sign Ruawai Northland New Zealand

Photo Essay - Mangaraho Rock