Made to feel guilty

At 8 am I dared to look out of my window. And of course the lawnmowers I had employed to manicure my *lawn* were telling me the wages weren't good enough. They gave me that move us now look. Sorry they'll have to wait until I get home later from a date with a hair appointment. The hair is going to get chopped. Too long. I'm surprised I'm not mistaken for a local Yeti. Oh well back to scaring the locals.


  1. Make sure you show us a picture of the new hair-do. Perhaps you can also get a picture of the farm critters' reaction to your new do. Their review of your hair will probably be more favorable with fresh grass! :-)


  2. yes I want to see the new hair do too!

  3. Oh the hair do!!! Well it did look nice until the wind blew it all to hell. Amy I'll have to come and hassle you anyway. Nah Jennifer all I got was..MOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I was soooo dejected...*sniff*