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Art Stuff -African Wildlife African Wild Dog

Putting it to the vote

Abort! Abort!

The Road from Dargaville - Mangaraho Rock

8 am Where's our breakfast Hooman!!!

Watch out Mouse!!!!

Comment Troubles

Recipe for Marinated Raw Fish

Skid Row

Photos from around the farm - Our lily pond behind the house

Doesn't want to be a Cheezeburger!

After the Rain last night I was greeted with....

From THAT site

The Road from Dargaville - Tokatoka Peak

Art Stuff - Wildlife Snow Leopard 2008

What Every Farmer's Wife needed in 1910

The Ultimate Invention

Red Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release Green Party in Climate Change Denial

Hot off the Press -Federated Famers Media Release "Mr Key,don't forget water storage is infrastructure too"

Hot off the Press - Agresearch Media Release New NNA Test for Facial Eczema can save Dairy Industry Millions

A Ducks' Ultimate Dream

One very old Duck

Now with Prize inside

One very old fashioned Kiwi Cow Shed - from 1907

The Good Old Kiwi Cow Shed

So Strong he can bite through steel - in his dreams that is

Hot off the Press -Federated Farmers Media Release Farmers disappointed at announcement

One Great Art BLog

Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release Manifesto Launch Says future is farming

If you are small and live in the ground run!!!!

Hunter Hunted and the hunted couldn't run!!!!

Check this out - Small Farming Blog

Very Red Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers Media Release Federated Farmers counter ACT on Emissions Trading Scheme

Food Finally!!!!!!!!

Not so hot off the Press - Federated Farmers "Build Dams not Cycle Lanes" 28th October 2008

Not So Hot off the Press - Federated Farmers "Good on you Mr Anderton" released 28th October 2008

7 am - Do I have to get up?

Hey Rae!!!! This one is just for you