The Good Old Kiwi Cow Shed

I like cowsheds why? Probably because my Grandfather had been a Dairy Farmer many many years ago he passed on a few years ago aged 93 years. Sounds wierd but it reminds me of when I was little growing up in Henderson(now a suburb ofAuckland) in the 1960's and early 70's. Then, before urban sprawl came along it was full of dairy farms, orchards and vinyards. As kids we used to go over on down to the shed where Mr Pritchard would get in his thirty cows into the bales and do the milking. My Dad used to help now and then and if we were good we got to sit on the cows who had names rather than tag numbers. Those days are well since gone. Mr Pritchards old farm ended up being subdivided then eventually was swallowed up by a housing subdivision. These photos are of Anne and Camerons Herring Bone shed and even that will one day become a thing of the past. My neighbour Terry has a huge NZ$3 million state of the art rotary shed. With 750 cows to milk he needs it. I wanted to be a Dairy farmer but it didn't happen. I just have my little farm here all twelve acres with all the craziness that goes along with it. I just love it here.


  1. oooh I just knew you were a westie!

  2. What wonderful memories! I grew up in Suburbia America....however I longed to be in the country on a farm. I have my dream now, and its the most rewarding thing to be able to "see" your progress, watch what you plant grow, take care of your animals(my fav). Its your own "getaway" from the rest of the world!

  3. I ended up in the suburbs later on when I was nine we moved because my Dad's business was growing and he needed to be nearer home. Funny thing was the family my parents brought the house from were from the US and were heading back there. The backyard was concrete and it had a maple tree - what a culture shock for a country kid. Never mind I'm back out in the country now and loving it.


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