Hot off the Press -Federated Famers Media Release "Mr Key,don't forget water storage is infrastructure too"

Mr Key, don’t forget water storage is infrastructure too

Federated Farmers President Don Nicolson today urged National Party Leader John Key not to forget that water storage is a critical part of New Zealand’s infrastructure and should be “on the infrastructure list” of any new minister.

This follows reported comments in today’s Dominion Post by Mr Key that if his party wins the treasury benches he would immediately appoint a Minister of Infrastructure. There have also been recent comments by several politicians that given the current international financial crisis, the Government should spend more money on infrastructure as a way to stimulate the economy.

“It’s not complex – dams store water, water grows grass and grass produces food which we can sell to the world to pay the nations bills,” Mr Nicolson said.

“If we want to transform the economy we should focus on harnessing our enormous water resources so we get water in the right place at the right time.

“Water storage is critical to New Zealand’s future. Building more dams as part of a strategy for water storage will set the country up for decades to come.

“It is well known that farming is the backbone of the economy. Current run of river water allocation systems see farmers too vulnerable to drought and floods. In the past year we have had both. If we are going to survive this economic crisis New Zealand needs to produce more primary sector exports to pay the bills.

“Not only will new dams help increase exports, we know from the Opuha dam experience in South Canterbury that the towns, cities, boaties, fishermen and environment also benefit. The upside is huge.

“Any new Minister of Infrastructure must focus on water storage as a priority, not just roads, schools and houses, none of which actually earn more export dollars,” Mr Nicolson concluded.


  1. I don't think Mr Key would say this unless he meant it, but then again knowing politicians you just don't know. I hope he does follow through with it as it's an important issue.

  2. So far, National's published policy statements about infrastructure make no mention about water storage or supply, as the Federation say. They concentrate just on internet access, roads, and "getting the economy moving." More urban stuff, than rural.

  3. Getting the economy moving will depend on global influences stupid but true. John Key is naturally focused on more urban orientated issues without considering the need for improvement in the rural sector. Amy would agree with me there. It will be the usual story. Asset Sales for starters, the Tax cuts..then we'll start to see the huge budget deficit blowouts again. I think Ice in this instance Don Nicolson has a point at least he got his facts right instead of blowing off the top of his head like the last time over the cycle lane business. Looks like I might have another just come in off the media email.

  4. That other press-release, the "cycle lane" one, was probably just a one-off thing. We all have rushed days, and that bloke looks like he's very busy right now. No real worries.

    But I really do hope Key listens to the Federation over the water issue. It's vital -- I'm a soft urban townie who does like the internet, yes. But without water -- we are all in deep trouble.

  5. I hope Key does as well - but it will be the usual story. Stupid Federated Farmers doing their moaning attitude when as you and I agree Fed. Farmers are definitely right in this instance. I have somewhere a brilliant article on the Urban rural disconnection. I'll have to find it again and post it up - worth a serious read.


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