One very old fashioned Kiwi Cow Shed - from 1907

I love history and while I was digging away I found this great image. It comes from the Otago Witness July 10 1907. A little hard to see since it came from a digital copy of the newspaper but it's neat. All the kids there with the cows in the shed and Mum as well.


  1. Old pics are always great - they bring back such nostalgic feelings - the black and white picture have a special touch to them. There was one pic of a maneating tiger in India from the early twentieth century that I posted once on my blog..I'll try and look for it and maybe post it on tomorrow's wordless wednesday.

    Dairy farming is quite a fulfilling business as I've learned from some friends who are into it. But then it's good to have your own place and be at peace with it. The little calf looks very cute trying to chew at his cell! Calves are so cute and innoncent - just like kittens!

    That's a great series of pictures of Emerald. Leo, Fairy and even Snow (who naps most of the time) go crazy over a piece of packaging foam. They'd play with it for days at a time..

    Have a happy day :)

  2. Hi Snow forest. I love old pics that one of the tiger sounds really neat. I would love to see that. I think Jennifer would agree there on the Dairy Farming. Everyone I know who has one loves it even when things get a little tough at times. Emerald is still playing with poor Mr packing foam and it looks like we will be inheriting yet more cats from my sister. Oh no. The Terrorist will have some more little kitties to chase around the outside or our house - again!!!

  3. Oh goody more kitties!
    I love the old photo's, I know times were hard then, but living more simply is a glorious thing to me. The age of computers and cell phones have their good points (like blogs! LOL) but I think we have lost the character that hard work gives people...and to me, the modern structures just arent near as lovely as those that are now quickly disappearing...sigh

  4. I love those old buildings and farm houses. I think that family must have worked very long hours so they could get their income from the local Diary Factory. The tigers are funny!!!Glad you liked them


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