After the Rain last night I was greeted with....

Two wet grumpy chickens, one hungry Terrorist and a cat that decided an early morning nap was in order. Some things just don't ever change....


  1. Kitty-cat's thoughts: "Have found comfy fluffiness. Do not disturb." Cute! :-)

    The overnight dampening was good for my tub of thornless roses, anyway. Saves me getting out into the cold sharp wind to water 'em.

  2. Great caption Ice. Yeah Dream was crashed out. One eye opened as if to say what's your plan. The other images wouldn't load. So I left it at this one

  3. "The other images wouldn't load. So I left it at this one."

    All part of kitty-cat masterplan. Their privacy is assured from the eyes of their blogging human's audience ...

  4. oh dear...I must admit with the crappy wet weather outside I'm in the same frame of mind. Going home soon to feel sorry for myself...

  5. I think we should just start a mass grumping blog and well....grump on it?


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