8 am Where's our breakfast Hooman!!!

I had the cows and the horses eating down the long grass on the side of the driveway last night. Didn't take them long to eat it all down to near nothing in a night. So of course I got the "We're starving" look, along with the two cats who had decided to follow me down. So had the Terrorist. I took the camera down of course, to see if I could catch sight of any native birds. No joy today but I certainly got entertained by the cats and the cows. Here's a few photos from 8 am this morning on the farm here.


  1. LOL how funny! I get those same looks, especially when we are later than usual feeding, you'd think they were starving too death! They cant do much else I reckon but keep time and get grouchy when its not done on THEIR time huh?

  2. Don't you just hate that? Of course they must be moved or there will be hell to pay. I think we should send them the Grinch to visit them at Christmas time.


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