Skid Row

I took photos of this little heifer earlier this year at Anne and Camerons'. She had heaps of trouble getting up because of the yard being too slippery and wet. This photo was hilarious. Poor little calf never mind she's up and now out in the paddock with the other replacements and three times bigger!


  1. At least the cement was clean. We've had some cows have their baby up by the cement feeding area that wasn't so clean...


  2. Yuk and the mess that goes with it. I had a cow calve right on top of horse dung and that was in a dry paddock. I know what you're getting at. Nothing worse that cows calving where you don't want em too.

  3. LOL been there, done that! I think your right about the comment thingy been meaning to change mine back too, my friend Mari said thats when she began having probs was when I changed it, I like the new look better but oh well..

  4. I think you me and Jennifer definitely have been when it comes to cows calving in impossible places. I liked the drop downs too but it was causing some serious grief for a few people. I'll leave mine on this old one until google fix the bugs!!! Hope Norm is okay.

    Take care Rae

  5. He's feeling better since he has had the brace on...but I had to tell him sternly today that I wasnt going to care or take care of him if he didnt do what the doctors tell him, he was really ticking me off gettin up without his brace hobbeling around...

  6. You tell him girl!!!! Hang in there Rae - Norm has to realise he can't do everything with a bung knee.


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