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An Old Image of Hay Baling on the Causer Farm in Maungaturoto

Yes This is the Real Me

Crazy Chris

Ulterior Motive


Mr Screech

A couple of shots taken in the evening on the farm

Klatu Barada Nikto - Gort did not come

Guess What Came From Kentucky USA Today - Yay!!!

This is just too clever not to post about

My Beautiful Girl Inaya

From the Apartment block in the hill next to our house

Caught Sleeping on the Doorstep


Art Stuff - Wildlife Snow Leopard -2003 - And he needs a nose job desperately

A Momento from my Grandpa's Special Box

Kowhai Flower

A Brief Botannical detour with Mum and Inaya

Get out of It!!!!

Born to be Wild!!!!

Off the Farm - Hokianga from the South Head Entrance to the Harbour

Mummy's Baby - River

Spotted in the garden this morning

My First Baby Calf