Spotted in the garden this morning

Inaya saw this lovely Grey Heron wandering around by some of our palm trees. I'm glad it's not in our fish pond!

Correction: Thanks to "Grey Heron" who suggested this bird is in fact a White-faced Heron I need to make a correction on the bird species. Grey Heron is a generic name rather than the correct species name. Grey Heron you are absolutely right


  1. Gosh, you don't see too many of those around.

  2. No but we seem to have a couple of pairs of them here on the farm. They seem quite happy wandering around the place - not that we bother them at all. I just hope that don't decide to raid the fish pond that's all.

  3. Hi Red Clover! It is a lovely bird. They aren't very common any more so we are very lucky to have them here on the farm at all. Sounds like you had lots of fun with your holiday!

  4. Hi! I think it's not a Grey Heron, but a White-faced Heron.

  5. Hi Grey Heron. I would have to consult with my book of New Zealand birds to check the correct species. You may be right. These birds are given a common generic name. Thanks for your comments they are most welcome.


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