A Momento from my Grandpa's Special Box

My Grandpa Kinniburgh was 93 years old when he passed away many years back now. Left behind amongst his things was a small wooden box. My mum forgot all about it and handed it over to me not realising what was inside it. Some old photos and Grandpa's notes plus a some cartoons he had done sometime in the 1920's or so. Amongst the images was this postcard. An early view of Picton in the South Island. Sadly it is falling apart and needs to be conserved properly. On the post card it reads " TE RANUI NEAR PICTON - BOWDEN" What era it was photographed is the mystery. All I have found so far is Te Ranui Bay Queen Charlotte Sound. Who Bowden was is unknown. Clearly the guy was a photographer and since my Grandfather grew up in Wellington it would make sense that he would have crossed the Cook Straits to visit Picton and somewhere along the line picked up this postcard. I'll keep digging and somewhere along the line I will find out.


  1. How neat! I wish i knew more about my grandparents....all thats left now is my Grandma, and she turned 92 on the 18th...I wish so much i had asked her more about her life..I know some and I'll have to do a post on her, I have in past, but it was sad, about all the things I'd love to know and now cant ask cause she is in such bad shape.

  2. My Grandmother is 92 as well. She's coming up for Christmas if she is well enough that is. Gran isn't all at all well - so I know where you are coming from.

    My Grandpa was a neat person - and he loved to talk about when he was a boy. So many stories which was really great.

  3. How special!

    Are your Grandpa's cartoons like yours?


  4. Great! My grandmother just passed away, so I can imagine how finding those things felt.

  5. Jennifer -Grandpas cartoons are amazing. He drew all these people with a fine tip ink pen. I have just one page unfortunately and it's so fragile - but I'll put it up so you guys can see it. My cartoons are a different style I think. Probably because I'm wierd and Grandpa wasn't! (I am laughing here!!!!)

    Red Clover - it is special. Something to keep for the kids and hopefully for their children to enjoy. Losing a grandparent is like losing a good friend I think. Hopefully I can identify who took the image and when.


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