Ulterior Motive

Anyone would think from this picture these two little cats just love each other. They're sisters fine and that's about it. Only one reason Dream is cleaning Emerald and that's to get in a damned good bite - then it's war. I get it every morning - my own cat war ground. Oh the joys of having animals.


  1. oh man they're so cute! gosh, cats really do have ulterior motives don't they?

  2. Just like people I guess. Those two are always scrapping - like my daughters!!!! They are cute cats though. I'm glad I got them.

  3. Ya I hear ya about the animals. We have two dogs who on occassion go at it a bit but thank goodness not too often.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello. It's alwasy nice to hear from someone once in awhile.:)
    Take care and stop by again sometime.

  4. Hi Salina, Great to hear from you again! When you've got animals there's always something new they come up with - just like kids! Yes I will visit again. You take care too.