Klatu Barada Nikto - Gort did not come

The Earth did not stand still and Gort did not come to rescue the space kitties from the despicable human that took them to the vets to get fixed. Gort is fired.This means more lawyers we must call. Please do not recommend those Turkey Bush lawyers - too much gobbledy gook.


  1. Awww poor kitty! LOL Mick my mother in laws dog just went through all that! But youd never know she was wound up tighter than a yo yo, worried her stitches will come out! LOL

  2. Oh space kitteh needs a good lawyer this time. Sorry I don't know many lawyers..

    Congrats on the goat milk soap. It must swell divine!

    Loved the 'fairy tales' pic. So true!

    It must be great to have kids who love animals. I think love for animals must play an important role in the overall grooming and personality development of a nice individual!

  3. Those kittens will thank you for it eventually but at present, wearing those ruffs round the neck, all they are giving you is accusing looks!

  4. LOL the elizabethan kitty huh? Maybe she could go back in time to where that style of colar was fashionable?

  5. They were not impressed at all and those collars just made things all the funnier

    Rae - Yes the kitties kept eating their stiches which why they nad to wear the collars

    CAts - Oh darn means I'll have to go and talk to the Rooster lawyers down the road and they will crow about all the details!!! Those soaps are gorgeous. Rae made them and sent them over. Now there's a war over who will get them! As for the compliments the same applies to another great person.

    Weaver of Grass - At least we won't have a farm full of unwanted Kittens. They were not happy - recovered well enough now to chase off a feral tom cat though.

  6. Must read todays post..I put a little tid bit in there for the comment we talked about...


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