Dramas on New Year's Day

DSCN3946 It was peaceful until the late afternoon. Young Michelle decided to go up the hill and check the horses and found a rather unhappy sight. Little Spiritus had been chased through a fence by Ranger and had wire around his hind leg. Not a good scene. We had to go up there and cut the fence to get him out. Other than some swelling and a couple of small marks on his leg he was unhurt. Just very sore and his pride had been dented. It was fortunate he was so good about being handled which saved him from any injury. Otherwise we could have ended up with a severed tendon and a possibly sad ending. I took this photo this morning of the little fella when I went up to check him. The swelling has gone down and he's all happy again. DSCN3953
 Ranger, the cause of all the drama to begin with, has a bad habit of chasing the little horses around. So, we're going to separate the little guys from him, and the old man - then there's no more fences being wrecked, and little horses being hurt by a 9 hand high bully.


 The old man was too busy keeping to himself to worry about the antics of a bunch of youngsters this morning. He's 32 years old and maybe he'll live another year. I hope so. He's a great horse, but at his great age anything can happen. Today though, he looked wonderfully well. Dear old boy he is.

And I was followed up the hill by the cows who wanted to see what I was doing. Terrorist and River were pleased to find a poor cabbage tree to use as a scratching post. As for me, I decided all was well and went off back down the hill to do some more blackberry spraying. We've got plenty of those!


New Year's Day 2013

DSCN3935 This morning I woke up to the promise of a bright warm summer's day here in Northland, New Zealand. I went out and got some quick shots of the animals with the little camera. I can't believe I've lived here on my special place for over seven years give or take a year. This was the the Terrorist early this morning lying under one of the rather chewed up palm trees. Happy New Year to all my friends across the world and here at home in New Zealand. May it be wonderful one for everyone. All our love Liz and the girls.


A dabble with Water Colours I got for Christmas

Work My sister Glenda who is a few years older than me, gave me a beautiful set of watercolours, brushes and a pad as well. She's an accomplished artist, very gifted and has created many beautiful artworks over the years. I thought I'd take up the challenge and try them out on a smaller pad (A4). I spotted a lovely photo from an old National Geographic Magazine (don't you just love Nat Geo!)of a young Pakistani woman sewing beads onto a dress to earn money for her family. I did a water colour sketch of her and above is the result. I don't have any formal art training, so it was done more on instinct rather than knowing what colours to use. It didn't turn out half bad. Hope everyone had a great Christmas we sure did!