The Stories

Life always has some kind of story to it. In our case - those stories became a bit of a humorous escapade.

Take your time choose a link within this text to read and I hope it will bring a smile to a face.

 Many of these stories will be included in my future book 'Tales from the Mad Bush Farm" I'm just in the process of getting it together.

Life can't be serious all of the time. We need laughter every day in our lives.

For the past nine years my home has become one literal place of craziness. I mean - who would call an innocent little calf a name like 'The Terrorist' well I did. Life is never dull here on the farm. I hope you enjoy the stories.

List of Stories

The Three Feathered Psychos that used to darken my door

Grandma's Broom

The Mysterious Mr Black

When I said I wanted a House Cow I didn't mean literally!

Slam Dung!

The Red Devon from Hell

We'll start with Murphy's Law shall we?

Lincoln Lamb


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