Under Surveillance - Cat Troll

Evil plans have been detected
What is that?

Iz just a stoopid goggie wif satellite dish on head again

Yeah? So I'm getting it on all 150 channels fer free Cat Troll so there!

Actually the cat troll Emerald was stalking me everywhere and clawed my gumboots. Cat you just have to forgive even when their claws use your leg as a scratching post. Simon meantime still has to where his big cone so he can't chew at his itchy leg. The leg is a lot better after veterinary treatment and so is Simon. Happy dog but he hates that collar.

Little Spiritus has been expelled from the small group of horses we have here. He came down to see us instead and got a carrot for his troubles. He's a cute little fella. I'm really enjoying the three little horses we have living with us. The old man has company and they just con their way into everyone's hearts - including mine. Few more photos down below. I love this little guy's blue eye.