First grape harvest #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

As I've gradually been clearing up my wilderness of a so-called garden, much to my delight the heritage grapevine "Bishop Pompallier" had some grapes ready to pick. I didn't even fertlise the poor vine this year or even bothered to redo the supports for the canes. Before the cows left I had all but given up hope of ever having any kind of decent farm kitchen garden. Now they have gone I've been able to actually start growing vegetables and fruit again without the worry of finding them destroyed a day later by my naughty jerseys. I found a basket to put the grapes in I had picked. They make for a lovely late summer photograph. Happy me!

Farm Photo of the Day: Yep I can do the fencing job (or my dad can) #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

I met this little guy back in 2008 keeping an eye on his dad's stuff at the Northland Lifestyle Field Days in Maungaturoto. He was all ready to do a deal on a new fence. He certainly made for a great photo opportunity.


Farm Photo of the Day: Where's the bread gone? #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

One little equine visitor looking for the last of the crusts I put out for the birds yesterday afternoon. The birds got to it first.


Farm Photo of the Day: Sea Gulls at Ripiro Beach #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

We visited Glinks Gully back in February 2014. It was such a gorgeous day the gulls on the wet sand made a perfect photo opportunity.


Farm Photo of the Day: Dry hills and green valley #farmvoices #NorthlandNZ

I took a short drive earlier and stopped to get some photos of the valley on the western side of Maungaturoto. The pasture on the hills is parchment brown. The valley itself is a little greener. It's almost the end of summer. Haymaking is over and preparations for the coming winter will be next of the farm calender.