Farm Heritage Image of the Day - Champion Shorthorn Heifer #FarmVoices

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-18981118-2-1
 Mr William Taylor's champion Shorthorn heifer "Leonora IX" photographed at the 8th Annual show of the Auckland Provincial Agricultural Show 10/11th November 1898

The eighth annual show of the Auckland Provincial Agricultural Association was held on November 11 and 12 at Potter's Paddock. The entries totalled 1,120, which number, though less than last year's total, represents a high average. In the horse stock classes a record entry was received, the total number of horses being 350, as against 341 last year. In some departments the quality of the exhibits had been excelled on former occasions, but this was chiefly the result of the unsettled spring experienced this year. It was gratifying to note that the dairy cattle exhibits continued to show an improvement. on those of previous years. Pigs also showed, an increase, and harness horses, while the other classes are well up to the average. Waikato farmers were well represented.
THE CHAMPIONSHIP "AWARDS. The following is a list, of the champion prizes:— Draught Entire: Woodlands Estates General Gordon. Draught Mare: William Taylors Jeannie Deans. Pedigree Shorthorn Bull: William Taylor's Duke Leo. Pedigree Shorthorn Cow or Heifer: Wm. Taylor's Leonora IX.
Auckland Star, Volume XXIX, Issue 278, 24 November 1898, Page 8 

Farm photo of the day: A Promise of Rain #FarmVoices

The skies had darkened early this morning. The promise of rain to quench summer dried soil and the pasture is a welcomed sight.

It does not fit but she sit anyway! #Cats

One would think that said cat would not bother to attempt to use one's rather small round storage basket as a new sleeping place. However, the Cat troll has decided that said too smaller a basket will now become her latest resting spot. And there she  is. She don't fit but she sits anyway!