I love dogs but for the last eleven years I haven't kept any. This is Josh we had him until he was thirteen years old. He was a mixed breed dog Half Irish Wolf Hound and Half German Shepherd. Everyone in our street used to call Josh The Carpet because he was so hairy!. Sadly we had to have Josh put to sleep which was really hard on all of us. This photo of Josh was taken in 1988 at Muriwai Beach on the West Coast north of Auckland City. He was a neat dog.


  1. Awww how sad. He is a beautiful dog! How cute! its sad when we have to put them down, I had a dog growing up that we put down, my dad didn't tell me we were doing it and I never got to say goodbye. I'm still resentful over that, course he ended up being a real looser and absent father so what else could I expect, that should have been a warning sign huh?

  2. Josh was a cool dog except sometimes he used to bite people (not good).
    My Dad was great but when we were little he used to put down the kittens our then numerous cats used to have - he used to tell us they had gone to a nice farm - yeah right. Such is life My cats are fixed so they don't have that problem.


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