Pet Day today - or at least it was supposed to be. The weather though decided to spoil everything for the kids and it was postponed until next Friday. 7.30 am this morning just in case Pet Day was going ahead Inaya got the cat cage and captured the dumb chicken. Actually her name is Feather a heritage breed Golden-laced Wyandotte we raised from a day old chick. But she is thick as in so dumb that last year half of her feathers were eaten by our then three calves. One of the calves had even grabbed her by the leg one morning and had carried her still hanging half way across the front lawn before dropping her. I don't think bovines are supposed to be carnivorous. On the subject of herbivores being carnivorous check out this brilliant post "Do Giraffe Hunt in Packs" by African Safari Stories its just too good not to read. Returning to the subject at hand. As I was saying Inaya captured the dumb chicken, put the miffed chook into the cage all ready to go for the big day. Amy's daughter needed a pet for the day to take so I offered her the Dumb chicken which went down really well. Big day dreams slightly shattered with the disappointing news today wasn't happening. Imaya gave the dumb chicken a huge piece of bread to shut her up and I got this photo of her attempting to swallow the impossible. Behind bars on bread and water - do the crime serve the time.


  1. LOL you are SO funny! the photo makes her look greedy more than anything!

  2. How could I not take a photo. That chicken is..DUMB and greedy too. Never mind next week she'll be jailed again. LOL!!!!


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