From the Apartment block in the hill next to our house

We have a huge rabbit warren dug into the hill right near our house. Rabbits here are pests but I still like them anyway. They taste nice as well. Springtime and baby rabbits go nicely together here's a couple of shots I took.


  1. Hello there.

    Just a question. Do you know if the rabbits in New Zealand are also dying from the same strange virus that is found in the Austaralian rabbits?

  2. Hey there. There is a rabbit virus RCD present in New Zealand that some farmers brought over from Australia about ten years ago. I will need to check the spelling but it's known as Coleses Virus. Mortality rates have varied usually around 95% but also the next generation of Rabbits have become resistant. Som years there is a die off then the next couple the die off rate is very low. Mine so far here seem to be fairly immune.


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