Mr Screech

Mr Screech turned up today. Mrs Screech obviously wasn't taking the hint to shift her giant pink feet and get on over to hack off the idiot humans living in the box thing in the middle of their turf. A rock chucked over Mr Screech's way soon had him heading back down to see the missus and her little brood of black hairy chicks with giant pink feet. For once I had some peace and quiet after that. Most afternoons the Screech Clan come up to the house to terrorise the cats and the Terrorist who should be terrorising them instead. Not with those great big beaks snapping her way she wasn't. Here's a photo of Mr Screech. Nice birds to look at the Pukeko - but don't get fooled they can be nasty. They are now supposed to be trendy and quirky - ah...okay. I'll stick to calling them screeching nuisances for now. The trendy stuff I'll leave for New Zealand Tourism and their wierd ideas.


  1. It's sounds a bit chaotic there with all the animals. How do you manage to sleep in late on the weekends?

    Thanks for the answer on the rabbits.

  2. I love those giant pink feet and would love to see them in my garden (but of course it would be a novelty and the novelty has worn off for you , madbush!)

  3. LOL I'll be one of those weird idead NZ tourist! LOL no really they are pretty, but sound like they are annoying! I'll leave them for you!

  4. Mr and Mrs Screech are very bold. They shouldn't be making so much noise though!
    Loved the evening farm pictures. The farm setting is great I think for nature and outdoors photos!

  5. Hi Guys. Thanks for all the comments!!!

    African Safari Stories - Weekend sleep-ins and me are distant strangers these days. I have the Screech Clan around at 5 am most mornings. Then the Terrorist standing on the doorstep mooing for her bottle and of course my kids. I am in a now win situation

    Weaver of Grass - Pukekos are beautiful birds plant a garden and that is exactly what they come up to shred to nothing. They destroy seedlings and any newly planted trees. I don't mind them being on the farm - just not near the house! I do however like their huge pink feet - they make me laugh

    Rae - I could just see you acting the part of the "Tourist" Heck you could make the Puke's really trendy (I am kidding.LOL!!) I laugh to myself whenever New Zealand Tourism comes up with yet another very wierd marketing idea. Guess you get the same over in the US. Last time I went to Australia (1996) I avoided the tourist hell traps and visited out of the way places. What a difference.

    Cats- Mr & Mrs Screech are very bold and they keep the cats and the Terrorist on the run. They turn up it's mass panic. Thanks for the compliment on the farm pics - they weren't half bad considering I had the camera settings all wrong at the time.


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