Caught Sleeping on the Doorstep

Maggie May got sprung tonight sleeping on the doorstep. The chicken house obviously wasn't providing her proper accommodation. The hosts will need to be sued - we'll call our lawyers on the morning.


  1. Watch out for those Chicken Lawyers... all they do is cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck. :-)


  2. Make sure you create an airtight law suit! Josh is very cute. I am sorry he had to leave you to go to the rainbow bridge. Life with animals is so full of joy and then there are sad times too. Time is the greatest healer though in this regard. We recently lost our alpha girlcat Forest and still miss her. Our other kitties Snow, Leo n Fairy blog too at


  3. Ha ha! Do you name all your chickens? Or just hte ones you don't eat.

  4. Jennifer - All I'll end up is with Turkey Bush Lawyers going gobble gobble gobble at this rate!!

    Omer - Air tight cases are the only thing we do around here!. Sorry to hear you lost Forest and other kitties. I like how you called Josh's passing on over the Rainbow Bridge very awesome. Woops those Turkey Lawyers must have hear me grinding my axe!

    Any Girl - All the chickens here are named. Maggie May we raised from literally an egg. She was our first chicken. We have Feather too then ended up with four others. Just pets useless for anything else. And people wonder why we call this place crazy...LOL


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