Off the Farm - Hokianga from the South Head Entrance to the Harbour


  1. Oh that is beautiful! I just love photos of our lovely scenery and coastline :-)

  2. Amy -I really like this shot. It really was a complete fluke. the light and the setting were just right. So pleased you like it too.

  3. This is such an awesome photo! The 3 old men there! Just priceless! I loved the photo Amy (I think is who) posted on her blog! What talent Inaya has! She definately takes after you! Tell her I said great job, its beautiful and she should pat herself on the back! Now I can say, after she is famous, that I got to see her earlier work! Woo Hoo you go girl! I havent had time to email todayr check blogger until now, and I cant get on most blogs, in fact wasnt able to comment until about 6 times trying, and I'm so worn out guess I'll have to read all my fav blogs tomorrow, couldnt get online at all yesterday....grrr

  4. Hey Rae! Great to hear from you. I like this photo a lot. Not bad for a rank amateur - but it would never win a photography competition!!!

    You have been busy by the sounds of it and the i/n connection causing grief.

    Will catch up with you soon
    Take care

  5. I think it actually could win a photo contest! You really captured a cool moment and there is a lot of feeling in that "fluke" photo as you call it. It makes you wonder what kind of cool stories they are telling and what things they have seen and what they are like, its very interesting

  6. You can take several hundred shots and just one stands out. My sister is a photography nut so I would have to get her to run her expert eye over it first!!!

    I think those people were simply just enjoying the view and maybe reminiscing. They were from Australia - nice people too. I have family in Sydney anyway so I have to say nice things or my Aussie citizen brother would kill me!!!!


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