Watch out Mouse!!!!

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  1. I'm confuzzled. The title for this post on the blog following thingy is "Chicken Nuggets", but you've got the stalking cat pic instead (and a different title to the post).

    Help! The dimensions are melting ...!!!

  2. This one is a great cheezburger pic too. They are all great. There is a similar site that posts funny pictures too. I think it's called 'stuff on my cat'.

    The comment problem has got to do with widgets/customizations in some blogs I think. I had this trouble on my blogs too and reverted to this older format as well.

    The lilies just look great. As does that Snow Leopard sketch. It's really amazing. So life like. Very well done :) I know a couple of sites by the artist Julie Rhodes where she's got great pencil sketches of wild animals. Maybe you could build a separate site/blog about your great sketches too.

    Loved the pictures of the napping kitty. For some reason cats always want to nap when it's raining. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I love cheezburger pictures.

    I am glad the old commenting is back, I had to use a special browser just to leave a comment on your blog.


  4. We have a cat who appears to be scared of mice - perhaps this is another one.

  5. Ice the Chicken Nuggets one was the one I was going to put up then I had pasted in the wrong I had to change it!!! Look I told you about leaving those dimensions lying around in the sun like that!!!!

    Hi Cats!!! I love the Cheezbruger pics they are so funny which is why I put them on. I think a good dose of laughter is healthy. I think you are right on the comment issue. Jennifer is happy because now she doesn't have to use a special browser. I'm going to leave the old format in place. Google need to iron out the bugs maybe. That Snow leopard turned out quite well. I'm going to do another one later on. I'll check out Julie Rhodes and see what she does. Thanks heaps. I love the lilies and the frogs the place just wouldn't be the same without them somehow. As for the cats - they've brought life to our house and fleas to go. So it's out with the flea pills and bye to the fleas!!You have a happy weekend too!!!

    Hey Jennifer - those cheezburger pictures are hilarious. I hoped no-one would mind if I posted a few
    I'm pleased that at least you can now comment - great idea from google but the old system will do just as well.

    Hi Weaver - well it could just be. That mouse looks very ....dangerous


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