I have just been honoured by Omer aka Snow Forest with these wonderful two awards. The Butterfly Award and the Lemonade Award.
Thanks Omer I was really blown away when I read your post. I love your blog and really enjoy reading all about the neat articles you've written. Now it's my turn to do the honours.
I'd like to pass these on to the following really cool blogs. Just enjoy them there are no rules I can see. Please accept them because you guys are awesome and are also my friends.

For Leo, Fairy and Snow who iz a family of floofy cats
I love them all. Floofy cats don't tell the hooman you are going to chase the butterfly
Purrs and hugs to the floofy cats and the hooman

Home with Amy
For Amy a great friend and fellow troublemaker who gave me a pair of red plastic genuine retro Raybans for my gnome to wear

Lisa a great lifetime friend and awesome writer of history

Rae a fellow survivor, inspirational and creative and a wonderful close friend

A Dairy Perspective
Jennifer another great friend and great grower of Cat Plants

The Weaver of Grass
Pat is another great friend a talented poet and writer and she's also a great artist!!!

The Diary of an English Gardener
Bob who gave me the Brilliante Blog award. Now I can at last give you two!.
Bob is also a great friend and a wonderful source of knowledge.
My gardening skills have greatly improved!

Cabbage Tree Farm
Bridget hardworking and a wonderful cook.
Also a great friend and fellow sharer of recipes and love of the land

Red Clover
A beginning gardner full of life and energy who has a wonderful plant called Abraham
I call Red Clover another great friend to know


  1. Well done you for your awards!

    My deep and heartfelt thanks, but ... I'm a rule-reader. These awards, like the other earlier one, say that the condition of acceptance and putting on a blog is that 10 other blogs need to be nominated by the recipient. And, well -- I'm an anti-social cuss who just blogs mainly to put history up there in lights. I'm not really part of the blogger community (you're an exception, dear friend, and have been ever since November '79).

    Please don't be offended, I'm really, truly honoured -- but I can't display these awards in clear conscience.

  2. Hi Liz
    Good for you too.
    Hmmm, do I know 10 blogs though? I don't really have all that much time to read that many. Do my best to name a few.