"Fush and Chups" The Kiwi Accent Myth

It has always been a sore point with many New Zealanders. The so called accent where we're supposed to say 'Fush and Chups' when we want Fish and Chips. Many became sorer still when a few weeks ago award winning Melbourne Herald Sun columnist Jill Singer attempted to take a shot at the mythical Kiwi accent and did it badly. Jill ended up being hammered and hard by a lot of hacked off Kiwis and a few Australians to boot.

Back in the innocent days before the yuppie era of the 1980's came along and we learned what paying the price of open market economy policies meant - maybe it was funny. Heck I remember some of my parents' Australian friends poking fun and in turn same thing went back on their accents. Point is those in Sydney don't say Siiiiidney they say Sidney and we here in New Zealand don't say 'fush and chups'. We say simply and clearly Fish and Chips.

We've now become a multicultural nation. Name a country most likely there'll be a former citizen of one living somewhere in Auckland City or somewhere else in the country. Somalia, Pakistan,South Africa,Canada,Uk China,India and the list goes on. Population count last census 4.5 million and rising. Not huge but enough to say hey there's way more than a nation of sheep and gumboots. We have recognition worldwide for fashion and design. World and Zambesi for one. We've won the America's Cup, Whitbread round the world race a few times and the list goes on. I haven't heard any of those involved with the big name labels or sports achievements ever say that dreaded line...

I think I'll go and get my Fish and Chips..tomorrow and maybe give my brother a call over in..Sydney I mean..never mind.


  1. There should be a law against those posting appetising images so late at night when the takeaways are closed. You fiend, you! *shakes fist*

  2. Oh my evil plan worked..how convenient. Gee I should read some more about Gaping Void monsters.