Photo Essay - Mangaraho Rock

There is nothing remarkable here
only this incredible barrenness.

Men and trees have left their habitats
to a crude and lowly breed like brush,
but the sight of dark grey rocks like sages
spells home to me.

- Passages from The Ancient Rocks of Cherra


  1. You have created a way-cool post there, my friend. Rocks! And cosmic poetry!! The eyes are delighted.

    You've captured part of the spirit of our land with those images. I am in awe.

  2. Hello Ice. Well you and I both have a weakness for rocks. so I kept my promise to myself that I was going out to that big rock and photograph it. I like that poem. The rest of it isn't bad either but I liked the last two verses. Cosmic to the last.Went to Tokatoka too but I'll have to do some climbing...mutter. got more photos but I chose those ones for this post.

  3. Awesome! I bet its spectacular in 'real-life'...love the poem at the end!

  4. Hey Rae!!! Gotta come over and read your blogs soon! I loved the last lines of that poem. The rest isn't bad wither. Yeap finally got out there but I'm going back this time with a drawing pad.