Off the Farm - Kauri Tree Gum display at the Matakohe Museum

I visited the Matakohe Museum earlier this year just to take photos. They have a fantastic display covering the Kauri timber industry as well the gumdiggers that used to dig up Kauri gum for a living. A lot of it was shipped overseas during the nineteenth century to be used as glue. These days people make jewellery out of it. The snail shell in the photo is a Kauri Snail. These big snails are now rare and not found in very many places. They are also carnivorous and don't eat Kauri trees!


  1. The Kauri Museum is one of my most favourite places to go, I just love all the old fashioned displays etc.

  2. They used the kauri gum as an ingredient in paint and varnish as well -- and you're quite right, most was shipped overseas to the likes of Australia and Mother England, only to come back here in processed form for the NZ colonists to pay through the nose for it.

    BUT -- there was one early varnish factory, using NZ kauri gum, and it was down at Rosebank here in Avondale. Took a while to convince folks of that, so I understand.

    Very cool to find bits with insects in them, like amber. I have a wee collection of kauri gum, not valuable, just cool. My favourite is a piece which seems to have been cut from a whopping great big one. The straight sides means it stands up okay on the shelf.

  3. I love the Museum. Just full of neat stuff.

    Ice you are good real good. I remember you telling me about the Bests Varnish Works a while back. I might finally have a little bit of time on my hands to go and follow that vat up the Kauri Museum is supposed to have. Kauri gum is cool. Gotta to get down and see you too.

  4. Just stopping by to tell you I'm about to send you an email!

  5. Okay hopefully gmail will work. Been having heaps of trouble for the last few days. My internet connection sucks.


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