Rescued from the Spiders - I should have let the spiders have it after all!!!!

The kids rescued this poor little guy from the spiders. It's one of our native butterflies or a moth. I'm not sure which. I'm going to go and do some looking up later on and see what our little friend is. We let him go of course. But I managed to get a good photo of it before releasing it back into the bush.

And an update...Timespanner reckoned it's a Burnished Brass Moth and it's not native. Damn!!! And of course it's dead right. Next time I'll let the spiders do their work...mutter


  1. Its a moth, but who cares, you guys are as bad as me saving all the wildlife you can! Norm thinks I'm pitiful...LOL but I wouldnt be me without saving the wee ones of the world! So guess he is okay with it, or has learned to overlook me! LOL I love them all with exception to wasp, and spiders...kill them all I say! They have NO purpose, well ad mesquito's to the list too! NO PURPOSE!

  2. I'll put a bet on it being the Burnished Brass Moth.

  3. Rae - I should have left it for the spiders afterall. Never mind the kids rescued it and would have been upset if I had bopped it off. Wasps I hate. Spiders I'm not scared off but I don't want them in my house thank you very much. And yes I am a big softie (damn I've been sprung yet again).

    Timespanner - just as well we didn't lay a bet. I would have lost. Yes it is exactly what you said it was. So I've amended the post. Thanks for that. I've included the link you sent.


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