Hey What's Barak Obama doing here in Maungaturoto???

"Excuse me sir...but aren't you supposed to be running for US President??" Answer......there isn't one. Yeap this guy was the bouncer on the door to keep the small pets safe from being mauled to bits by the kids. Ah...I think someone should call his Campaign Manager? I took the photo after Danielle (she's Canadian) one of the Mums, had stuck him on the chair with the hat on. Never noticed until I downloaded the images off the digital. I saw the funny side to it. Whats this guy doing in a small rural New Zealand Town like Maungaturoto? Heck he would have had to take one very big pay cut. From Politician to Pet Day Bouncer? The mind wonders.....


  1. ha ha ha ha ha I don't think Barak is realy that furry!

  2. Just as well you don't have Sarah Palin on the job. She'd probably confuse the small pets for moose.

  3. He could be Amy.

    Ice I will check out that link. You never know there could have been some moose in there...


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