Mad on Cows?

Hang on this isn't a cow!!!

Well if you are into collecting cows apart from the live ones that is - how about this lot of lovely bovines to adorn your home. I think they're neat but since my mum has a collection of model roosters - I think I'll stick to keeping the living ones (cows that is) instead. One thing about these ladies - they won't eat all the grass or the garden.



  2. You seriously are evil!!! That is hilarious!!. Stuff it I'm putting it up with the link back of course. Evil person u r

  3. Heh, heh, heh ... *evil larf*

    Much more here:

  4. I knew I should have listened to the voices about you being very very evil. Was it you that did Minions of Basement Cat then???

  5. I had to post that one. It was hilarious then I found that other one and they just went perfectly together. You r eevillllll


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